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ASIM 5 for university institutes (research & teaching or commercial)
CHF 2,000.00

ASIM 5 for university institutes (research & teachingn or commercial)

ASIM (Activated Sludge SIMulation Program) is a simulation program, which allows for the simulation of a variety of different biological wastewater treatment systems:
Activated sludge systems with up to 10 different reactors in series (aerobic, anoxic, anaerobic), including sludge return and internal recirculation streams, batch reactors, chemostat reactors, etc.
The program allows for the definition of process control loops (simple proportional controllers and on/off type binary controllers) and dynamic simulation of load variation (diurnal or seasonal load variation, temperature variation, variation of operational parameters such as aeration, excess sludge removal, recycle rates etc.).
Data analysis is supported by the possibility to compare observed data with simulation results in easy to use graphic support routines. Simulated results may be exported to spreadsheets for further treatment.